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Xi’an Libang Enterprises, established in 1996, a hi-tech biopharmaceutical-oriented corporate group specialized in the development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products and healthy nutrition products, also presenting in the cultural industry.

Libang Group, with Xi’an Libang Holdings Ltd. as the parent company, divided into Libang Pharmaceutical Group, Healthy Nutrition Group and other wholly owned subsidiaries engaged in culture, financial, property etc, totally over 1000 employees.

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Enterprise Culture

Vision: Focus on human health, talented team members present, respect-work joy workplace environment, the phase relationship harmony, mutual benefit and the wealth of the harvest and share the sunshine with the results. Forget behind, and efforts in front of you, to run continuously benchmarking.

Corporate mission: Advocating science, healthy living beings!

The spirit of enterprise: An unyielding, team work!

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